I’m Still Glad


     A year ago i was faced with so many challenges. Now some how it hurts a little less than it did a year ago. I still struggle everyday, but i stand taller and i am not as afraid as i used to be. I found out i am a good person, i am strong, i am brave, i am independent and yes i can do things. So the other day i was thinking of all the things i have prayed for over the years. Things I swore i needed to happen. People i swore i needed in my life. And how at the time i thought my life would be empty or my life would end if i didn’t have my prayers answered (in my favor of course). Oh i could not have been more wrong. I am glad things played out the way they did. And yes my prayers were answered, just not the prayers i prayed for, but the ones i really needed. I have learned the hard way the important things in life. So i’m taking charge now, the next chapters of my life, i’m not worried anymore about tomorrow. It’s a new day and i’m glad i’m here to enjoy it. 🙂

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