100 Things Every Grown Woman Should Know

I wrote this list for myself a year ago. Now I’m so generous to share with everybody! 🙂

Here are things that we every women needs to know 

(or at least know how to fake it). Xoxo

  1. How to live alone, even if you don’t like to.
  2. Be totally 100% OK with being single. Being single is actually amazing though. My advice, go travel!
  3. How to eat alone in a restaurant without feeling super awkward. You can bring something with you like book, laptop or you can check your phone once in a while. Eating alone really isn’t that bad.
  4. How to travel and go on holiday alone.
  5. When to walk away from an argument.
  6. How not to waste your words on people who deserve your silence.
  7. Don’t get caught up in the drama.
  8. Do not repeat your parents mistakes.
  9. There will always be someone who doesn’t like you, but it’s not about you. It’s about them. Don’t take it to heart.
  10. Identify the negativity in your life, and leave it behind.
  11. Stop caring what everyone thinks about you. Especially random people on the internet.
  12. Stop hanging out with people you don’t have fun with or feel uncomfortable around.
  13. How to cut off friends who are dragging you down.
  14. The people who stick around sometimes surprise you. And the people who disappear from your world, well, sometimes that’s a sad surprise too.
  15. That having even just one close friend is better than having 10 who don’t really “get” you.
  16. How to dress for the occasion : from a job interview to a music festival.
  17. Always have a black dress in your closet.
  18. What your actual bra size is. Bearing the wrong bra size is not only uncomfortable, but it can actually damage breast tissue.
  19. Basic home maintenance : e.g clean and repair things at home.
  20. Basic car maintenance : e.g tire pressure, coolant level, battery.
  21. How to Fix a Hem.
  22. How to Fold a Fitted Sheet.
  23. Know your first aid basics : e.g how to treat a burn.
  24. How to get over an ex.
  25. How to fall in love without losing yourself.
  26. Be committed in a relationship.
  27. How to fight back if you’re in an abusive relationship.
  28. How to break up with your partner if you’re unhappy with the relationship.
  29. Know that it’s better to be alone than with the wrong partner.
  30. That you cannot and should not try to change the other person. If you can’t accept and love him as he is, he’s not right for you.
  31. You should be a priority for him. Not an option, a last resort, or a backup plan.
  32. When to stop waiting for him to call you back.
  33. That it is okay to check your partner’s phone.
  34. Don’t look for a man to save you. Be able to save yourself.
  35. It is okay to tell everyone that you met your partner online.
  36. Not to be the other woman. Walk away from a married man and never look back.
  37. How to cook one signature dish. Even if you don’t know how to cook, know how to make at least three things.
  38. How you like your eggs cooked.
  39. Be true to yourself. Be exactly as funny, independent, smart, sexy, annoying, complicated, and talkative as you are. Someone will appreciate it and they’re the ones you want to appreciate you anyway.
  40. You’ll be so much happier if you just like what you like and don’t apologize for it.
  41. Your childhood may not have been perfect, but it’s over. Move on.
  42. Set up a budget and stick to it.
  43. Save and invest your money.
  44. Spend money on experiences instead of things are much happier.
  45. Buy your own house. Never depends everything on your partner.
  46. You should pick up the cheque on dates too.
  47. Something ridiculously expensive that you bought for yourself, just because you deserve it.
  48. Speak up if someone is harassing you (or someone else) in public. Stand up for yourself.
  49. If something isn’t fair or isn’t right, you don’t have to keep quiet and act like a ‘lady.’ You are a person before you are a woman.
  50. How to take control of your own birthday.
  51. That taking a risk is almost always worth it.
  52. Hammer a nail without causing mortal injury to yourself or others.
  53. How to go outside into the actual, public world without makeup on.
  54. Know when to apologize…and when you don’t need to say “I’m sorry” at all.
  55. Be able to admit when you’re wrong, or if you don’t know what the hell is going on.
  56. What you would and wouldn’t do for money or love.
  57. How to tell someone your needs.
  58. Write your brilliant thoughts! (You might forget about it later)
  59. Who you can trust, who you can’t and why you shouldn’t take it personally.
  60. How to accept and love your body.
  61. Everyone has rolls when they bend over.
  62. Your physical appearance isn’t the most attractive part of you. Looks fade; charm is forever.
  63. You’ve got to watch your weight.
  64. You are beautiful. Just not to everyone and that’s totally okay!
  65. Learn how to accept that your metabolism has changed and take up some sort of physical activity!
  66. Life is sad and grey sometimes, but you have to take it into your own hands and make your life as magical as you can.
  67. Take care of your skin so that wrinkles are a non-factor.
  68. How to tell a hairdresser the way to cut and style your hair.
  69. Apply eyeliner with ease.
  70. How to wear makeup without overdoing it.
  71. How to have longer-lasting lipstick.
  72. Learn how to respect your own, highly unique mental health. Everyone deals with things differently, so be kind to your mind.
  73. Recognize when it’s PMS that’s causing your body and emotions to go haywire.
  74. If you’re unhappy with something, stop complaining and do something about it.
  75. Why they say life begins at 30.
  76. Once you have finished your studies, WORK. Find your own money. Do not get married too soon.
  77. Know that you just need to have a good sense of style to be stylish. Not being a pricey swag.
  78. The importance of getting yourself a nice coat, jacket & cardigan!
  79. If you find a good pair of shoes you like, fucking buy another pair.
  80. Get enough sleep.Drink more water. Eat good food.
  81. Look in the mirror and see beauty in you were born with!
  82. How to protect your cyber privacy.
  83. Give yourself a pep-talk.
  84. When to call an expert for help.
  85. Determine when to trust someone with your secrets and when to keep quiet.
  86. Know how to handle yourself in an emergency without totally losing your sh*t.
  87. Success is the best revenge.
  88. How to say No more often.
  89. How to buy life insurance.
  90. Know the benefits of health insurance.
  91. How to shut off the electricity in your home. Stop wasting electricity.
  92. How to do things that scare you without completely freaking out.
  93. Have a credit card. You’ll need them for big emergencies.
  94. Some women just have it all. Get over it.
  95. You should change your bed sheets more often.
  96. How not to check on your phone at dining table.
  97. Every woman should own at least 1 gold jewelry.
  98. Always look good for your partner : Clean, sexy & stay in shape.
  99. We all have flaws no matter how perfect you think you are.
  100. Spend less time on social media and enjoy real life.
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