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Top 10 Apps : Talk To Strangers & Make New Friends

Chatting has become one of the often used method of informal and formal communication. There are a lot of android apps available in Google Play to chat or message in our circle such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Wechat. And, there are many people whether adults or non-adults like to meet new people and chat online too! – either for fun or to make new friends. In previous times, we have used Yahoo Chatrooms to chat with strangers at random, but those days are gone. Today we are having a lot of android apps that we can easily install from Google Play, for free. The best about these apps is that they don’t restrict to whom you can chat and secure to use.

Today i am going to share some of the Best Android Apps to chat and meet strangers that i am personally have tried before. I know there are many more out there but I find these more engaging and interesting among all, so i have listed here. If you think i missed any great app here, let me know in comments below.


I met one of my good friend in here while he was studying in Mesir, 4 years ago. Personally, to me this app is great to those who wants to make friends with Korean.


This is one of my favourite apps. It helps discover interesting people worldwide. I strongly recommend this app if you are in your early 20’s. 


Formerly known as 9chat. For those who like to browse 9gag, don’t say that you don’t know this app. Like 9gag, you can also find cool stuff in here, share whatever you like, post selfies, meet & interact with awesome people. You can send a cookie too if you like someone in here! 


If you are looking for a partner, i strongly recommend this app eventhough me personally didn’t use it for a dating purpose. It has many fake accounts too. Just make sure you are not too stupid to trust people you met online. Overall, i never had bad experience using this app. I met someone who i consider as my big brother through this app and he is such a great guy. 


I met one of my good friends in here 5 years ago. We still keep in touch with each other until now.  I only tried this app once and never use it anymore because i like the website version more. 
This is the website version : On the left is me talking with strangers.


To register account, you have to connect this app with your facebook. It is fairly simple and easy to understand. Well, of course, you have to swipe right when you like someone in here. You can only interact with the person if he/she swipe you right too.


One of my favourite apps. This app more like a community. You can post whatever you like, your feelings, your secrets, your thoughts, trade advice – anonymously. If someone interested in what you have posted, they will send you a private message.


You can join thousands of video chat rooms in here based on your interest. My brother and his fiance met each other through this app.


You can join thousands of video chat rooms in here based on your interest. My brother and his fiance met each other through this app.


Users can chat anonymously with people all around the world based on similar interests. You can stay in touch with the people you enjoy talking to through video chat and photo sharing.


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