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Best Chat App For Couples : Between

Between is a mobile app for couples. It is a private space that can only have one contact on it – your partner. This app created by Seoul-based startup Value Creators & Company. So, hey kaki Kpop semua! this app are so made for you guys! 

Since I started using Between with my boyfriend, it has become the primary way we chat, save photos, plan our schedule and keep to-do lists. My boyfriend and i love this app so much especially the stickers. They are SUPERRRR DUPERRR cute! Seriously, I’m in love with it!

To use Between, all you have to do is to install this app on your Apple or Android device and provide the mobile number of the person you want to use the app with. Once the request is accepted, the two can use instant messaging, keep journals, exchange voice messages, post pictures and leave comments. Between also offers a blog-like space where the two users can create photo albums and long notes. Pictures can be tagged to a “Memory Box,” which arranges them in a stream of tiles. Reminders for anniversaries, birthdays or any special days such as the day the couple first met can be set in the app’s calendar. The content created is private to the two users and the app can be password protected.

Is it free to use this app?

Yes..Between is free to use but if you want more special features, u can always upgrade it to Between Plus. 🙂 

So now let’s take a look of the screenshot of Between that me and my boyfriend are currently using :


  • Home :
    1) Relationship counter.
    2) Your partner (his location, time & weather).
    3) To change home wallpaper.
    4) Calendar / Schedule.
    5) Gallery.
    6) Chat / Message.
    7) Home shortcut.
    8) Setting.
    9) Notifications.
    10) Details about your relationship.

Screen that will appear when you click No. 10


Screen for messages.


As you can see some of the cute stickers i’m in love with. 


Calendar that both of you can see and know each other schedule. You also can set an alert to remind you and your partner.


More theme to choose if you upgrade to Between Plus (left) & Settings for Between (right) . 


Love Letter : One of the new features when you upgrade to Between Plus. 



Since me and my boyfriend are both into lovey-dovey things, we have stopped using whatsapp as a primary way we chat. Between is so perfect for a couples like us. It shows sign of commitment & loyalty. While some mobile apps have given rise to exchanging naked pictures or hooking up with a stranger nearby, Between’s design encourages an exclusive and lasting relationship. To me, It’s a must-have app for every couple.

Until then…



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