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What To Expect From A Loner

I am a loner. For as long as I can remember, it’s when I’m alone that I’m at my happiest. I don’t like people that much and I don’t like people looking for me. But the problem with preferring to be alone is that often, non-loners just don’t understand. For example; people ask me about my plans for the weekend and I simply say nothin..lol.. Most people have the same usual response come on, have some fun!“. What they do not understand is that, to me the sweetest thing for the end of day is to reach home, stay cool in peace and skype with my man. However, this doesn’t mean I do not enjoy spending time with others. Hey, I have friends too! The difference is that I have different ways of social interactions and I have my own ideas of “spending time” with others. I’ve learned to be very selective about how and with whom I spend my “social” time with. 

Since i am a loner myself, i’m writing this post to help you understand a loner better. So, these are what you can expect :

1. They’re completely okay not having any friends. 

2. And it means they’re less likely to have to share their foods! (They hate sharing food) 

3. But they have a few great friends as opposed to a lot of not-so-great ones. 

4. Interacting with other people, listening to loud noises, handling distractions, social events and parties can be incredibly draining for them.

5. And it lead them to have a never-ending list of reasons why they can’t go out.

6. But…They appreciate and value the time and joy finding the perfect fellow loner to be alone with. 

7. They are likely very good at exploring things on their own, self-sufficient and don’t require someone else around to keep them entertained.

8. Life is unpredictable adventure for loners and “No Plans” are mostly the “Best Plans”.

9. As i told you, Loners are self-sufficcient. Other people don’t affect their decisions.

10. Or at least, they will tell you how things go with them.

2 thoughts on “What To Expect From A Loner

    1. 🙂 Yeah. That what makes people different from each other. A loner is someone who strongly prefers their own company. They have friends too. It just they have different ways of social interactions.

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