Selalu Dapat Mimpi Buruk? Ini Tips Untuk U’olls.

Mimpi buruk bagi orang dewasa adalah perkara biasa. Yang menjadi luar biasa bila u’olls kerap (boleh dikatakan setiap hari) mengalaminya. If you termasuk dalam golongan “luar biasa” ni, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, i sendiri selalu mengalami mimpi buruk, setiap hari. Ya, setiap hari. I can’t even remember when the last time i had a good dream. Apa yang lagi menakutkan bila i baca you can actually die in your sleep from a nightmare. Eh, betul ke? I pun tak sure but it says that fear can cause death and it’s pretty well understood especially if a person has cardiovascular issues to begin with (whether known or unknown).

Anyway, mimpi buruk is not something new to me. I’ve been dealing with it for a very long time and most of the time i could remember my dream vividly. Sometimes it seems so real that I couldn’t tell if it is a dream, reality or a memory, occasionally it takes me a few hours to get out of the feeling I have in the dream. 

Apa punca mimpi buruk ni? berdasarkan apa yang i tahu, there can be a number of psychological triggers such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or certain sleep disorders. Personally, i tak tahu which one yang ada kena mengena dengan i sebab selalunya i tetap akan dapat mimpi buruk walaupun i had a very good day. So far, I never seek for any professional help. Apa yang i buat, i did some research online and start practising what i have learned to reduce my bad dreams or nightmares. 

So, here are the tips for you if you have the same problem as mine : 

1. Jangan baca atau tengok cerita seram sebelum tidur. 


I’m a horror junkie. Jangan terkejut if i cakap even my lullaby adalah Reddit Nosleep Podcast or some horror stories on Youtube. Selalunya apa yang i dengar dan tengok akan terus masuk ke dalam mimpi. Habit ni i dah slowly tinggalkan because i often wake up from a nightmare in the middle of night with my heart beating fast. 

2. Elakkan dari makan sebelum tidur. 

Makanan mempercepatkan your metabolism dan akan menghantar signal to your brain untuk jadi lebih aktif. Cut out bedtime snacks, terutama yang high in sugar. Waktu terbaik untuk dinner adalah between 4pm to 7.00pm.

3. Main video games. 

Thanks to my boyfriend who influenced me with Steams and led me to play video games. Based on scientific researched, video gamers can actually control dreams. Surprisingly, since I play video games, I can manipulate my nightmares by making certain things happen and altering the outcome. Try it yourself! 

4. Kongsi tentang mimpi buruk dengan someone yang dipercayai. 

Talk to someone yang you percaya and explain to that person about your dreams. Letting your feelings out can make things better.

5. If you’re a Muslim, jangan lupa baca surah al-Fatihah & 3 Qul sebelum tidur. 

Tips ni dari arwah atuk i sebab i selalu dapat sleep paralysis. He taught me untuk baca 33 kali Bismillah, surah al-Fatihah & 3 Qul sebagai pelindung. Most of the time i skip baca 33 kali Bismillah tapi untuk surah al-Fatihah & 3 Qul i jarang skip. Sambil-sambil pejam mata nak tidur tu, baca je. 

6. Relaks. Kurangkan Rasa Stress.

Try to think happy thoughts. Try imagining yourself as a famous actor or actress or heading off on your dream holiday or even look at cute photos of animals before bed. Listen to music that calm you down and let go of your worries. You also can try some sort of stretching or physical exercise to releases positive chemicals into the brain. 


Okay guys! Until then…


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