Here are the most frequently asked questions i get –  Hope you enjoy! 

Q : How many times you travel per year?
A : So far, thrice (the beginning of the year, the middle & the end)

Q : Are you planning to move to another country?
A : Yes. 

Q : How it feels to be a solo traveller?
A : Girl Power!

Q : What’s up with Wanderhoney as your blog name?
A : Wander connected to travel. Honey is how to pronounce my name “Hani” = Wanderhoney.

Q : What camera you use when travelling? 
A : Olympus TG-860, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge & Huawei Nova 2i. 

Q : What country or place you want to go the most?
A : Iceland and Faroe Islands.

Q : How do you finance your travels and other passions?
A : I don’t eat outside. I don’t party. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t shop fancy stuff. I only buy things that i REALLY need. I save as much money as i can and blog earning. So, yeah?

Q : When you start blogging? 
A : I created my first blog in 2010. It was just a silly blog sharing about my everyday’s life. I deleted the blog a year after. Then, i started Wanderhoney in March 2016 and decided to be more serious in writing. 

Q : Why you have grammatical errors on your blog?
A : Well..English is not my native language. So, bear with me. I’m still learning and trying my best not to make grammatical errors. Besides, last time i checked – it’s a free world. 

Q : Why you start this blog?
A : I have strong desire to help other women to be strong and independent. 

Q : What hosting provider are you currently using?
A : Siteground. (Growbig Plan)

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Q : Why i can’t comment on your blog?
A : I hate spammers. So, yeah… Just contact me through a contact form.  

Q : When you want to travel with your readers?
A : I don’t have any plan for that, yet. 

Q : When you want to arrange a meet-up session with your readers? 
A : Trust me, i’m a shy person. I don’t talk much especially when you put me in a group of people.

Q : Are you a Muslim? 
A : Yes, i’m a Muslim.

Q : What is your race?
A : People mostly have mistaken me as a Chinese. I am Malay. No mixed blood.   

Q : Can you speak Malay?
A : Mesti la boleh lol! Haha. 

Q : Where are you originally from?
A : Ipoh. 

Q : What is your social media? 
A : Currently taking a break from social media. 

Q : How tall are you?
A : 5 ft 8 in.

Q : Do you believe in love?
A : I always do.  

Q : When are you getting married?
A : Well..when someone propose me? Haha. 

Q : Where do you learn English? 
A : Ipoh Learning & Training Institute (iLTI) for 2 years, having friends that speak English as a native language and from English songs/movies/series/books/articles. 

Q : How to deal with haters. 
A : Haters will always be haters. So, shake it off. 

Q : How to be a positive person like you?
A : Make a lot of mistakes and learn from it. Stay away from toxic people. Practice. 

Q : How to be like you? 
A : Don’t be like me. Be better than me.  

Q : Any beauty tips?
A : Always wear sunscreen. Drink plenty of water. Never skip skin moisturizer. Tell yourself you’re beautiful whenever you look in the mirror and have confidence! 🙂