How Can I Help You?


1. Influencer

If you have and awesome product and want me to help promote about it on Wanderhoney, I’m happy to do it as long as i have had the opportunity to actually use it. 

2. Blog Consultation

Are you new to blogging and wants some guidance getting your blog from zero to hero? I would love to consult you on how to set up a blog. 

3. Virtual Assistant

Do you have plan to go somewhere but don’t have time to search for a hotel? to book a flight, etc? I will do a little research, book a hotel and flight for you. 

P/s : Finding great deals on hotel to get cheapest price is my specialty. 🙂 wink wink!

Get In Touch!

Drop me an email at wanderhoneygad@gmail.com.

The price is negotiable. Thanks!