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Lesson I’ve Learned From My Past Relationships

I’ve been in too many relationships in the past and i’m glad they didn’t work out. Like everyone else, the relationship was good at first ; we had an amazing time together, lot of fun and laughs. Time passes and future together indeed looks horrible. I’ve been cheated, I’ve been played and I’ve been…

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Greece Part IV : A Quick Travel Guide To Milos Island.

 Everyone who thinks of holidays in Greece would probably think of Mykonos, Santorini or Corfu. Today I will talk to you about an island I truly love and I would like all of you to know about; Milos Island. Milos is one of those destinations that I can’t really keep…

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Bali Trip 2018 : Itinerari Percutian Ke Bali, Indonesia

Before my first trip to Bali in 2017, I thought Bali is all about the beaches. I didn’t do much research online to plan my Itinerary. I was like “fu**k it. I will just go and see what i can do there”. Then, when i arrived, i felt lost because…

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50 Etiquette For A Women

Intelligence is sexy, don't play stupid. Never let anyone disturb your composure, deter your accomplishment or destroy your happiness. If you're trapped between your feelings and what other people think…
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Make Your Travel Adventure Cheaper & Better With These Companies

Here i want to share with you guys some of the good companies that can make your travel adventure more cheaper and better. If you know any companies that you want me to…
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Cara Transfer Duit Ke Akaun ASNB Melalui Maybank2u (Classic Website)

* Untuk transaksi menggunakan website Maybank2u yang baru, boleh klik di sini.  Today I nak share dengan semua cara untuk transfer duit ke akaun ASNB dengan menggunakan Maybank2u. Firstly, sign in ke akaun Maybank2u.…
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Tips Terbaik Untuk Mengurangkan Lemak Di Pipi (Tembam)

I ni pipi tak ada la tembam mana. Tapi disebabkan I nak bentuk muka I jadi 'Vshape', I pun gigih la cuba macam-macam cara. Nasib tak pergi Korea je buat…
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20 Romantic Movies To Curl Up In Your Bed And Watch On Weekend.

1. Leap Year (2010) My review :   A delightful and innocent romantic comedy with an awesome landscapes of Ireland. Best quote : “May you never steal, lie, or cheat, but if…
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Things You Have To Know If You’re Dating A Highly Sensitive Person

  As a sensitive person, what i can say, being sensitive comes with its own highs and lows. It isn’t all bad. There are even some significant benefits. People say we are…
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