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Lesson I’ve Learned From My Past Relationships

I’ve been in too many relationships in the past and i’m glad they didn’t work out. Like everyone else, the relationship was good at first ; we had an amazing time together, lot of fun and laughs. Time passes and future together indeed looks horrible. I’ve been cheated, I’ve been played and I’ve been…

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Greece Part IV : A Quick Travel Guide To Milos Island.

 Everyone who thinks of holidays in Greece would probably think of Mykonos, Santorini or Corfu. Today I will talk to you about an island I truly love and I would like all of you to know about; Milos Island. Milos is one of those destinations that I can’t really keep…

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Bali Trip 2018 : Itinerari Percutian Ke Bali, Indonesia

Before my first trip to Bali in 2017, I thought Bali is all about the beaches. I didn’t do much research online to plan my Itinerary. I was like “fu**k it. I will just go and see what i can do there”. Then, when i arrived, i felt lost because…

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Cara Transfer Duit Ke Akaun ASNB Melalui Website Maybank2u Yang Baru.

I rasa semua dah tahu yang Maybank2u sekarang ni berwajah baru. Tapi, website yang lama pun setakat ni masih boleh digunakan. You hanya perlu klik di "Continue to the classic…
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“It Works! Extra Virgin Coconut Oil” Yang Memang Awesome!

Hey guys! today i nak review mengenai produk kecantikan. Review ni tak berbayar hokay. Memang i sendiri yang nak share sebab produk ni sangat bagus dan i want my readers…
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A Birthday Treat At Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach, Thailand

Hey guys! Last weekend on 23rd June i ke Phuket, Thailand to celebrate my birthday. The whole trip was planned by me sampai la bila i informed my boyfriend, dia tak…
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Resepi Ayam Coca Cola. Wajib Cuba!

"Eh, are you sure? Coca-Cola with Chicken? Seriously". That was my first reaction when i heard about the recipe 3 years ago dari kawan i yang datang bercuti ke Malaysia.…
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Cara Bayar Zakat Secara Online

Hi guys! How is your Ramadhan going so far? Kejap je rasa kan? next week dah raya. Anyway, today i nak share cara untuk bayar zakat secara online. Yang belum…
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Travel Planning : Guide Untuk Travel Solo Buat Kali Pertama

Hello guys! I banyak terima email from readers yang nak tahu macam mana i plan my first solo trip. Soalan macam "Selamat tak?" & "Tak takut ke?" soalan yang bosan dah…
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Solo Travel 2018 : Panduan Percutian Ke Hanoi, Vietnam (Part II)

Hey guys! Part I i dah kongsikan beberapa Hanoi travel tips sebagai panduan for you guys yang ada plan untuk bercuti ke Hanoi, Vietnam. If belum baca Part I, boleh…
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