30 Things About Me That Most People Don’t Know.

We all have our quirks that make us stand out in our own way, right? Sometimes, these quirks can be difficult to share with others, especially if we fear that they won’t be accepted or understood. Well, I’ve got some pretty interesting ones that I thought I’d share with you today. I’m talking about the things that make me, well… me! There’s more to me than meets the eye, and there are many things about me that most people don’t know. I’m choosing to be vulnerable and open up about some of the lesser-known aspects of my life. So, let’s get to it!

1) I had a different name when I was born. 

My current name is actually my second name. When I was born, I was given a different name. My parents decided to change it later on, and my grandfather helped them choose my new name. That’s the name I go by now. However, during my time in primary school, there was some confusion about my birth certificate, and my old name was used instead of my new name. At the time, I even had a bank account that was used under my old name. If you look at my signature, you’d notice that I’ve combined both of my names in it.

2) I don’t drink milk. 

I don’t drink regular milk because I’ve never liked its taste. However, I can drink flavored milk, such as chocolate or strawberry, as long as the flavor is stronger than the milk. For example, if the chocolate milk tastes more like milk than chocolate, I won’t drink it. I also think I have lactose intolerance and often experience stomach pain when consuming dairy products.

3) I don’t like strong-tasting food.

My friends sometimes make fun of me for my taste preferences. For example, I enjoy shrimp, but I don’t like lobster because it has a very strong shrimp taste. Similarly, I like beef, but not when it has a strong ‘beefy’ flavor. I like fish, but only when the taste is not too strong. I don’t mind cheese in foods like cheesecake or hamburgers, but I won’t eat cheese by itself because the taste is too strong for me. I am also not a fan of lamb or goat meat. I don’t like the smell, I don’t like the taste. That also means I don’t eat anything raw because it has a strong taste.

4) I don’t eat melons.

The only type of melon I eat is watermelon. I don’t like other types of melon, like cantaloupe and honeydew. They don’t taste good, and their strong, sweet smell is too much for me, which is why I tend to avoid them.

5) I like being in the dark. 

I enjoy the darkness, which used to annoy my housemate when she was living with me. I rarely want to turn on the lights. I prefer to keep the lights off at home and have sunproof curtains to block out light. When cooking, I either use a bit of natural light from outside or a small lamp at night. While some may find it strange, I find comfort in the darkness and prefer to keep my house on the dimmer side. Maybe I’m a vampire? 🧛‍♀️

6) My favorite weather is moody & rainy.

Most people enjoy sunny days, but I don’t. I have an unusual preference for moody and rainy weather. I find a sense of peace and tranquility in the midst of both kinds of weather, and it brings me a lot of joy and the atmosphere makes me feel calm and content.

7) I’m a light sleeper.

I struggle to sleep if there is any kind of noise or disturbance during the night. Even the slightest noise, such as a drop of water, can wake me up. Due to this, I prefer to sleep alone, as it ensures that I get a good night’s sleep without any interruptions. If one day I have a partner, I would expect to have my own room to sleep in and would not want to share a bed if he makes so much noise during sleep. 😂

8) I do things fast.

I’m like the Flash, which means I tend to do everything quickly—from walking and eating to speaking and working. While some people may find it difficult to keep up with me, I cannot slow down as I feel like I’m wasting time. Slow people can be a bit frustrating for me. If you give me a task, you can expect me to deliver the result quickly because that’s just who I am. I do things fast. 

9) My phobias include lizards, holes, snakes, and deep water. 

I have some pretty intense phobias. For example, I’m absolutely terrified of lizards. Even if they’re dead, I can’t bring myself to go near them or be in the same room as them. It gives me shivers. And don’t even get me started on holes; just thinking about them gives me goosebumps and nightmares. Snakes are another big one for me; I’m always on edge and imagining worst-case scenarios, even though I live on the 17th floor of an apartment building. And as for deep water, I’ll only be in the water if I can touch the ground and have someone holding onto me for dear life. 

10) I’m sentimental.

I value emotions and feelings. I believe in expressing my love and appreciation for people openly and making the people I care about feel appreciated and loved. Words are my love language, so if I like you, you’ll definitely know it. When I develop a close friendship with someone, I tend to gush about them to others and say all the good things about them. Other than words, I like to show my affection through gestures and little gifts.

11) My favorite smell is vanilla. 

I’ve always been drawn to the sweet, warm aroma of vanilla. The scent is comforting and never fails to put me at ease. Whether it’s from a candle, perfume, essential oil, or a freshly baked dessert, vanilla has a way of instantly lifting my mood and making me happy. I love to mix a couple of drops of vanilla oil into my lotion to enjoy the scent all day long on my skin. When I’m feeling stressed or anxious, a whiff of vanilla calms me down and makes me feel better.

12) I was in a reality show. 

I was actually part of a reality show in the past and made it to the top 3 out of 15 contestants, but not many people in my current circle are aware of it. It was a really exciting and memorable experience for me. I got to meet a lot of new people, such as celebrities, models, and designers, and make some great friends with the other contestants, even though we’ve all lost touch now. Going through the audition process, doing my first photo shoot, and appearing on live TV, talk shows, and even billboards was a surreal and thrilling experience for me. Overall, it was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.

13) I was a debater. 

During high school, I was known as a skilled debater and even won the title of best debater in the district debate competition for each debate game. Many people thought I had the potential to become a lawyer or politician due to my ability to argue with others. I enjoyed the challenge of debating and taking on any topic. Although my team lost in the semi-finals, I still won the title of best debater, which was a fun and fulfilling experience for me.

14) My right pinky finger is a bit crooked.

Maybe I injured it when I was younger or something, but the bone seems to be slightly off to the right. It doesn’t cause me any pain or discomfort, but I sometimes like to playfully freak out my friends by pretending to break it. I can actually make it pop, which freaks them out.

15) I’m crafty.

I have a passion for crafts and enjoy creating things with my hands. From making origami to crafting paper flowers and butterflies to drawing and painting, to even writing poems and designing simple projects, I have a diverse set of skills. At one point, I even had a small business related to crafting. However, as time went on, I haven’t been practicing these skills as much as I used to, so they may have faded away a bit. Nonetheless, I still love being crafty and creating things when I have the chance.

16) I suffered from Chronic Otitis Media for 27 years of my life. 

The chronic ear infections led to regular episodes of vertigo, extreme ear pain, and sensitivity to sound and temperature. I had to spend those years hearing my own voice and my own breathing inside my ears as well. It even affected my balance, and the doctor eventually found the formation of cysts in the middle ear that could erode vital structures in the temporal bone. I underwent major surgery 9 years ago, and thankfully, the condition has not recurred since then. I hope it never does.

17) I only shower with goat milk shower products.

I take great care of my skin, especially since I know I have dry skin. After some trial and error, I discovered that using goat milk shower products is the best way to keep my skin looking and feeling its best. I love how my skin feels after using goat milk shower products, it’s smooth, hydrated, and healthy.

18) I am very firm and strict. 

You might know me as someone who likes to joke around and laugh a lot, but there is another side of me that is very firm and strict. I have strong values and principles that I don’t compromise on. When I say ‘No,’ it means ‘No.’ I expect people to be honest and sincere with me, and I won’t tolerate lies or flakiness. I value good manners and respect, and I give the same in return. If I make a promise, I keep it. If I say I will do something, I follow through. If I decide that someone is not a positive influence in my life, I cut them off and move on.

19) I normally don’t wear the same outfits more than 2-3 times. 

I have a habit of not repeating outfits too many times. Whenever I get new clothes, I tend to wear them only 2-3 times before giving them away to someone else who shares a similar size to mine. 

20) I often have nightmares and sleep paralysis. 

I have had this condition since childhood. To cope with it, I turned to the horror genre, which has become somewhat of a lifesaver for me. It has even helped me become braver in my daily life. Sometimes, when I have a nightmare where I am holding my breath, I unconsciously hold my breath in my sleep, which causes me to wake up gasping for air.

21) I have social anxiety.

Based on my appearance, most people assume that I am good at socializing. Well, the truth is, when I was younger, I was great at it, but as I’ve grown older, it has become increasingly difficult for me since I’ve changed a lot. I now struggle with social anxiety. I don’t enjoy being around people I don’t know, or crowded places, and if I am forced to do so, my body tends to shake and my heart beats rapidly, often leading me to cry.

22) I grew up with male friends.

I found it easier to get along with men and more comfortable being around them than with women. I think it’s because having four brothers influenced me a lot on that. As a result, some parts of my personality are more masculine than feminine. Due to my adoption of some male behaviors and attitudes, some women may find it hard to be around me, and some of my friends have commented that I can be a bit harsh or tough when they expect me to be more gentle or sensitive.

23) I’ve spent the majority of my life having short hair. 

For most of my life, I had boy-cut hairstyles or different types of short hairstyles. I used to enjoy changing my hair color frequently too. But as I entered my 30s, I realized that short hair no longer suited my changing facial features. So, I decided to grow it long and have been keeping it that way ever since.

24) I’m the eldest but also the shortest. 

I am the eldest of four younger brothers, but I am also the shortest among us. While my brothers are all over 180cm in height, I stand at 173cm. This has often led people who don’t know us to assume that I am the youngest sibling.

25) I hate Math. 

Despite working in finance and accounting, I’m not a fan of math. Small calculations are manageable for me, but when the numbers get too big, I rely on a calculator. I was never really good at math anyway.

26) I am very punctual.

I take punctuality very seriously, and it can be frustrating for me when others don’t share the same mindset. In Malaysia, it seems common for people to be more relaxed about showing up on time. As for me, when someone suggests meeting at 8 p.m., I expect to meet at least 5 minutes before the agreed time, not an hour later. I get annoyed when people don’t respect the importance of punctuality. 

27) I can’t delay things. 

I have a tendency to prioritize tasks to the point that I can’t delay anything once I’ve set my mind to it. It’s just how my brain works: if I plan to do something, it’ll nag at me until it’s done. This can lead to some late nights or sleepless hours, especially if I have a deadline or a goal in mind. For example, if I’m writing a post and I plan to publish it by the end of the day, I’ll feel anxious and restless until I’ve finished and published it. It’s challenging at times, but this trait helps me stay focused and motivated to get things done.

28) I used to have a mole on my face.

When I was younger, I had a mole on my face that made me feel really self-conscious. People would often make fun of it, and it made me feel unattractive and insecure. Eventually, at the age of 22, I decided to have it removed. Since then, I’ve felt much more confident in my appearance.

29) I have a keen eye for details and I’m highly observant.

I notice small details that others might miss and am especially attuned to people’s behavior. Whether it’s a slight change in an organized space or a subtle lie in someone’s behavior, I can easily catch it even if they’re trying to hide it. While I don’t always speak up about what I’ve observed, I have a knack for things that others might overlook. If there’s something wrong with an item, material, information, etc., I’ll be the person to catch it. I normally like to play dumb, but the truth is I noticed.

30) I like songs based on the lyrics, not the music. 

Unlike most people, I’m not really into songs just for their melody or beat. For me, it’s all about the lyrics. I love songs that have deep and meaningful lyrics—they just speak to me on a whole different level. To me, the lyrics are what make a song truly special, and I’m always on the lookout for songs with powerful words and messages. That’s why I tend to gravitate towards sad songs because the songwriting is usually so touching.


X, Hani. ❤


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