A Weekend Lunch Outing at Mee Kicap Ipoh,Southville.

As someone born and raised in Ipoh, I take immense pride in the local Ipoh cuisine, no matter where I go. Two months ago, while I was in Southville City, I stumbled upon Mee Kicap Ipoh Restaurant. The sight of it immediately sparked a craving for the familiar flavours of home. I promised myself that I would return soon for a weekend lunch.

Well, here I am, wanting to share with you that I’ve finally fulfilled that promise. Look how happy I was in the photos!


I Enjoyed Having Lunch Here

The restaurant atmosphere was relaxed and cosy—nothing fancy. You could come in your flip flops and shorts—perfect for a laid-back hangout with friends. I remember my partner saying,

“There are several Chinese here. It must be good.”

He was right. The moment we tasted our food, it was indeed delicious. The noodles were springy, and the soy sauce had the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness. The bean sprouts were fresh and crunchy, just like I remembered. The flavours were authentic, transporting me back to Ipoh, enjoying a meal at a local hawker stall. The portions were generous, too! Although I don’t eat as much these days, I had to force myself to finish it. It was worth it, though, since the meal was so delicious.

Our Menu

We enjoyed curry noodles, mee kicap (soy sauce noodles), and dim sum. The menu offered other tempting choices that I’d love to try another time. Ordering was easy with just a QR code. They also serve rice if you’re in the mood for it, but personally, I’m trying to eat less or avoid rice altogether. I remember last year, when I cut out rice, I lost weight and my stomach got really flat. Haha. I’m aiming for that body again, so I’m exploring alternatives to rice.


If you’re ever in Southville City and crave some authentic Ipoh flavours, I recommend visiting Mee Kicap Ipoh Restaurant. It’s a little piece of Ipoh in the heart of Southville City.

I would definitely come again!


X, Hani. 


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