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Tour Agent/Supir In Bali : Why You Should Book With “Pak Yanto”.

Bali holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite destinations to escape from the hectic pace of life. For years, I made it a tradition to visit Bali annually, seeking comfort in its peaceful beauty and lively culture. Unfortunately, the pandemic in 2020 put a halt…

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10 Things You Need To Know About Singapore

Singapore is undeniably one of the most captivating destinations in Southeast Asia, a paradise brimming with lush greenery and iconic wonders. I have been wanting to visit Singapore for a very long time, and I’m so glad I finally got the chance to do so just in time for the…

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Greece Part IV : A Quick Travel Guide To Milos Island.

When people think of holiday destinations in Greece, they often think of popular islands like Mykonos, Santorini, and Corfu. However, today I want to introduce you to a lesser-known island that I absolutely adore: Milos Island. It’s one of those places that I can’t help but gush about because it’s…

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4 Tempat Menarik Di Ipoh Yang Boleh Dilawati Pada Hujung Minggu

Hello guys! Okay, semalam i dah share mengenai Taman Tema Sunway Lost World Of Tambun. Amacam? Best kan! Today i nak share mengenai bandaraya Ipoh pula. Bagi yang belum pernah datang…
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Apa Yang Best Di Taman Tema Sunway Lost World Of Tambun

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun ni terletak di Ipoh, Perak. I rasa i tak perlu nak intro banyak mengenai Lost World sebab taman tema ni adalah salah satu taman tema…
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Cara Aktifkan Kad Bank Untuk Kegunaan Di Luar Negara.

CIMB BANK AKAUN:  1) Login to your CIMB Clicks. Then go to "Settings". Pilih Submenu "Card Services"   2) Tengok di bahagian "Select a service". Klik icon arrow dan pilih submenu…
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Tiub Telinga Bagi Orang Dewasa Yang Mempunyai Masalah Telinga Berair

My first ear operation was in July 2014 to remove a cyst in the middle ear. Cholesteatoma is what it's called. I tak pernah share lagi about this "Cholesteatoma" thing because…
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5 Tips Untuk Dapatkan Harga Hotel Semurah Yang Mungkin

Booking hotel is pretty straightforward - pick a destination, choose your dates, enter payment info and voila, happy travels! Tak gitu? However, for a budget traveller macam i ni, sometimes bila…
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Cara 1: Delete Favourite Accounts Dalam Maybank2u

Tutorial ini hanya boleh dilakukan di Maybank Classic Website. Rujuk di sini jika menggunakan website Maybank2u yang baharu. Bagi Classic website, Klik "Back to the classic Maybank2u" :   Firstly, you…
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TouchRetouch App: Easy Way To Remove Unwanted Object From A Photo

I'm not a professional photographer. What i do know, i love taking photos and i want it to look good. That is why i nak share about this app with you guys.…
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Solo Travel 2017 : Panduan Percutian Ke Bali, Indonesia (Part III)

In case you belum baca Part I & Part II, you can click the link below : Solo Travel 2017 : Panduan Percutian Ke Bali, Indonesia (Part I) Solo Travel…
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