Top 3 : The Best And The Worst Hotel I Have Ever Stayed

Top 3 Best Hotels.


1. Dreamsea Surfcamp Bali, Indonesia.
Price: RM366.40 / night. (Oceanside Suites)

The best hotel I have ever stayed in so far. I’d highly recommend this hotel to everyone. It’s a perfect retreat away from the hectic pace of city life. The place barely has an internet connection, next to the beach and the view is breathtaking! You can totally enjoy your me-time here. It’s located at the bottom of the cliff. So, it will be quite challenging to reach the hotel, but trust me, it will be worth it. I booked my room with a free breakfast and I can say that it was the best breakfast ever. Even the foods here are super amazing. You can read more about my experience here.

Agoda: Dreamsea Surfcamp Bali. 



2. Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach, Thailand.
Price: RM568.85 / night. (Ocean Villa)

The most expensive room I have ever booked. It was the best decision ever! I stayed here to treat myself for my 30th birthday with my best friend. For our dinner, we ordered room service and she surprised me with a slice of strawberry cheesecake! I still can’t get over it ’til these days. It’s the most delicious strawberry cheesecake I’ve ever eaten. I’d go to this hotel again just to buy the cheesecake. It’s really good. You can read more about my experience here.

Agoda: Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach. 



3. Cameron Highlands Resort, Malaysia.
Price: RM1,050.00 / night. (Deluxe Room + Spa Treatment)

My stay here was a treat from my Ex-boyfriend. He wanted me to pamper myself because at that time I really need it. I truly had an amazing stay here. The staff was friendly and helpful, the room is spacious, both of the restaurants for my high-tea & hotpot dinner were excellent, and last but not least, the spa treatment was very good too. I love it! Thank you again, Ex-boyfriend. You can read more about my experience here. 

Agoda: Cameron Highlands Resort. 

Top 3 Worst Hotels.


1. Vilarisi Hotel, Bali, Indonesia. 
Price: RM56.00 / night. (Standard Double Room)

I’m not demanding but as a solo traveller, I’ve stayed at plenty of budget hotels that I had a nice experience with but not with this one. I arrived here at night; alone and exhausted. The receptionist was not friendly but at least the staff that carried my bag was helpful. After I got my keys, I went straight to the room. I was surprised when I found out that my room was located at the end of the building. There was no other room next to me except the dark staircase going down. No internet connection at all and the door lock was also broken! I can’t lock my door. I was terrified. I went back to the receptionist and asked her to change my room. I told her that I need to work and I can’t access the internet in my current room. She changed it. The new room wasn’t comfortable but at least I feel safe. 

Agoda: Vilarisi Hotel, Bali.

2. Qlassic Hotel, Malaysia.
Price: RM84.00 / night. (Deluxe Queen Room)

Booked this hotel because it is close to the airport. The receptionist wasn’t friendly. Didn’t smile back at me. I brought a friend who just arrived from Greece. She asked him to pay a tourist tax of RM20.00 (supposedly only RM10.00). After I got my keys, I went to my room and guess what, my room wasn’t prepared at all! They didn’t do housekeeping. Paper tissues and empty water bottles were on the floor, the bed was a mess and the toilet was dirty. I complained about it and then she changed my room. 

Agoda: Qlassic Hotel. 

3. Regalia Suites & Hotel, Malaysia.
Price: RM189.00 / night. (Skyline Deluxe King Room)

I got influenced by some of the good reviews I’ve read online. Well, do not trust everything you read online. Haha. At least to me, this is one of the worst places I’ve ever stayed. With the same price, I could get better service from another hotel. The room was big, clean, and comfortable. Also good enough for me to enjoy the KL city view BUT that’s it. Only for the room. The facilities, in general, are terrible and too crowded with people. From the moment I arrived, everything was suck. You can read more about my experience here. 

Agoda: Regalia Suites & Hotel

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