A Night In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

My arrival in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, was quite late, so I didn’t have much time to explore the city since I had to go to the University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) the next day before heading to Kundasang. However, my hotel was conveniently located within walking distance of a popular tourist spot. I used the little time I had to buy some souvenirs and enjoy a seafood dinner, which I had been looking forward to. 

If you have a night to spend in Kota Kinabalu, here are the places I went that you can also visit:

1) Spend A Night At Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu.

The Pros

  • The hotel is conveniently located within walking distance of popular shops and markets, making it ideal for tourists.
  • My room was spacious, offered all the luxury expected from a 5-star hotel, and had a beautiful view of the seaside.

The Cons

  • The price is quite expensive; cost me RM470.00 per night.
  • Breakfast was awful; I didn’t have a good experience with it. Everything from the taste to the variety and quality was disappointing. I’ve stayed at lower-star hotels before where they did better. For a hotel with such a good reputation, I didn’t expect this.
  • The traffic in front of the hotel was hectic due to its proximity to the market.
  • The smell of fish was noticeable the moment I got out of my van, likely due to the hotel’s proximity to the market.

2) Go to Anjung Kinabalu To Shop.

Formerly known as Filipino Market, Anjung Kinabalu is a rebranded spot where tourists frequently shop for souvenirs and food. They offer a wide variety of items, such as pearl accessories, fridge magnets, handicrafts, keychains, and more. If you’re looking to buy anchovies or any dried seafood, this is the perfect place.

Don’t forget to buy ‘amplang’, a traditional fish cracker snack produced in Sabah. It comes in various flavours, but my favourite is the cheese flavour, which tastes similar to Super Ring snacks. Remember to bargain, as the displayed prices are often much higher than what they can actually offer.

3) Have Dinner at The Todak Waterfront Hawker Centre.

There are plenty of dining options around here, but we chose Todak Waterfront Hawker Centre, which is about a 21-minute walk from the hotel. It might seem far, but the path is lively, with numerous hawkers, shops, and markets along the way. The crowd and vibrant atmosphere make the walk feel much shorter.

Once we arrived, we were approached by seafood sellers inviting us to pick fresh seafood from their stalls. The seafood options here are incredibly fresh, and they cook them only after we make our selection. There are different stalls to choose from, and that night, we randomly picked one and enjoyed a variety of seafood dishes:

  • Crab (Kam Heong style)
  • Calamari (crispy-fried)
  • Prawns (buttermilk-fried shrimp and crispy fried prawn)
  • Two kinds of fish (steamed and sweet & sour)

Here are some photos that I managed to take before our dinner:

Everything was delicious, and tasted wonderfully fresh!

So yeah, I highly recommend coming here for an enjoyable and fresh seafood experience.

4) Stroll Around at Jln Tun Fuad Stephens.

Jln Tun Fuad Stephens is lined with shops and markets where you can find all sorts of items to take home from Sabah. One shop leads to another, offering a wide variety of choices. The sellers are friendly and eager to sell their goods. If you’re good at bargaining, you can get some great deals.

This street is always bustling with people, and I really enjoyed shopping here and haggling with the vendors. I ended up buying plenty of souvenirs to take home with me.

5) Shopping at Jamilah Jewellery.

Jamilah Jewellery offers two shops opposite each other. The bigger one is more elegant and high-end, while the smaller one has a variety of souvenirs, including bulk buys, all at down-to-earth prices. The store is famous for its pearl jewellery, with prices ranging from affordable to jaw-dropping. There are also promotional items that are considered great grabs. It’s like a shopping heaven for us women. A trip to Kota Kinabalu isn’t complete without visiting this place. Highly recommended!


X. Hani.


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