Dream World Resort Kundasang: Basic Resort, Unbeatable Views.

Of all the accommodations I’ve experienced, Dream World Resort Kundasang stands out as one of my favourites. While I’m typically not a big fan of simple, basic resorts, this resort exceeded my expectations. The room was totally basic—nothing to brag about—but the view, oh my gosh, it was breathtaking beyond words. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my stay here, and I am thrilled to share it with you all!

1) The Views Here Are Unbeatable!

I remember reading the reviews online; some guests had left negative comments about the resort, which made me nervous. Thank God, I didn’t let the reviews influence me. The moment I arrived, I was immediately captivated by its surroundings. The lush greenery and majestic mountains created a stunning view that felt like a dream. I could see Mount Kinabalu from the resort. It was stunning!


Each morning, waking up to this incredible scenery was a real treat. The fresh, crisp air and calm atmosphere made it easy to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. As someone who values privacy, this place was perfect for me. The peaceful environment and natural beauty provided a much-needed escape, allowing me to fully unwind and relax. This place truly offers an unforgettable experience, making me want to stay longer. 

The Cons:

  • During the rainy season, fog might obscure the mountains and general views from the resort.

2) Comfortable Accommodations For Restful Nights.

The room is comfortable enough for sleeping. If you’re expecting luxury, this isn’t the place. The rooms have a simple interior with a bed, dressing table, and basic amenities including toiletries, daily towel changes during housekeeping, a shower with a heater, and a water bucket. When I stayed here, I noticed a funny smell in the toilet when I arrived, so I closed the door. After taking a shower and cleaning the floor with soap, the smell disappeared.

There is a tea table and balcony to relax. The television didn’t work during my stay, but fortunately, they provided a fan, which I used at night since I couldn’t sleep in complete silence. An iron available upon request at the reception. The food here was good, and I enjoyed every meal they served. My room was located uphill, so each time I went to the restaurant, it required a short hike.

The Cons:

  • I encountered worms crawling on the floor in the toilet a couple of times. However, it was manageable since I could just throw water and it would go down the drain.
  • You need to wait about 30 minutes after turning on the heater before I take a shower.
  • There is no pipe next to the toilet bowl, so you need to fill the water bucket using the shower.
  • Expect bugs.
  • The room setup consists of two rooms next to each other in one house, and the walls are not soundproof. Therefore, it’s not suitable for honeymoon couples.
  • Irons are limited, and you need to take turns. There is no ironing board, so you’ll have to iron clothes on the bed.
  • The TV wasn’t working (at least in my room).

3) For Those Who Love Privacy.

I’m a big fan of having my privacy whenever I go on a trip. Remember the villa I rented for my birthday last year? I literally had the whole place to myself. It was the best birthday ever. This resort offered a similar experience. It’s quite secluded, far from the main road, and the path is bumpy and uphill, so you’ll need to drive carefully if you’re driving yourself. There’s not much to do at night around here due to its seclusion, but you get the privacy you need. The views are absolutely worth it, and you’ll enjoy every moment here.

The Cons:

  • It’s secluded, so it will take a while to drive to the main road on the bumpy and dark path if you want to go out for dinner.
  • The driver needs to be skilled enough to drive uphill.

Will I Stay At The Resort Again?

Yes and no. I found spending a night or two here to enjoy the breathtaking views incredibly rewarding. However, after a while, it can get lonely and boring because there isn’t much to do around here, and it’s far from the main road. I wouldn’t dare to drive out from the resort at night either, as the roads are bumpy and pitch dark. I love the place without a doubt; it offers unparalleled beauty and privacy but I would recommend shorter stays.


If you’re interested in staying here, you can book your stay at this link: Dream World Resort. 

X, Hani. 


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