10 Websites To Waste Your Time On When You’re Bored

1. en.akinator.com

Akinator can guess real or fictional characters correctly. 

2. Anaface.com

This website scans your face and tell you if you are good-looking or not.


3. La Mem Demo

This website is supposed to tell you if your face is memorable. 

4. Analyzewords.com

This website scans your Twitter and reveal your personality by looking at how you use words. 

5. Ball Pool – Mr. Doob

All you need to do is to click on the background and play with the balls! 

6. Whoismrrobot.com

The TV show “Mr. Robot” received a lot of praise from its tech-savvy audience.  The marketing folks have come up with some clever promotions to build anticipation and attract attention, including a website that allows you to “join FSociety,” – the fictional hacktivist group featured in the show.

7. Screaming Beans

This is a game. Just click on the screaming beans.

8. Neave Interactive

A collection of interactive tools, toys, apps, and art.

9. Codepen – I could not stop

10. Feed The Head

Totally weird. Feed The Head is a crazy old-style point-and-click adventure game in which your goal is to feed the hungry head.


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