Weekend Trip: I Went To UK Farm, Kluang Johor.

Have you ever heard of UK Farm? Well, I must admit, I actually just found out about this place after I googled for interesting places to visit over the weekend. I decided to go because I was intrigued by the random images I saw on Google, with people taking pictures with sheep as if it was taken in other countries. Technically, I traveled all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Johor just to see some goats and sheep. How crazy is that? Haha. But anyway, it turned out to be a fun trip. It wasn’t too crowded with tourists, and I really enjoyed being here, especially when I got to feed and interact with the goats at the farm.

What You’ll Find at UK Farm.

At UK Farm, you’ll find several attractions and activities that cater to your interests. Of course, the main highlight is the adorable goats! They will steal your heart with their cuteness, and you can even feed them.

But that’s not all! There are other exciting attractions such as a mini zoo, duck and chicken farm, ostrich park, deer park, rabbit park, fruit farm, hydroponic farm, Jakun village (indigenous village), and a goat milk processing center. If you want to buy goat milk, you can stock up here. Oh! There’s also a resort available if you plan to stay overnight.


How much are the tickets?

The ticket prices for UK Farm are RM47.70 per adult and RM37.10 for children (bus tour). For private tours (Horse Carte), it costs RM254.40 during peak season and RM190.80 during low season. If you want to know more about the packages offered, you can refer here; UK Farm Sdn Bhd. The ticket prices include food that will be given to the animals during the tour.

Overall Review.

It was not what I expected. There were no goats roaming freely in the field like I saw on Google. Maybe I went at the wrong time, I don’t know. Despite that, it was an amazing experience, especially when I got to feed the goats with the milk provided by UK Farm. I also had the opportunity to hold a baby goat!

The tour lasted for 2-3 hours. Don’t forget to bring drinking water as it can get really hot in Malaysia. After the tour, if you’re hungry, you can stop by the restaurant here. I had my lunch here and it was delicious. I left feeling quite satisfied.


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