A Casual Day Out Exploring Kuala Lumpur’s Viral Eateries!

As the year is wrapping up, me and my colleagues, with whom I get along pretty well, decided to go on a ‘Jalan-jalan cari makan’ trip. Oh! if you’re unfamiliar with the phrase (considering not all my friends are from Malaysia), it’s a Malaysian expression that translates to exploring eateries.

This is our first time exploring eateries together. We initially planned to head to KLCG Confectionery & Bakery to try their viral pastries. However, the night before, we casually picked some other interesting eatery spots in Kuala Lumpur that we discovered on TikTok and excitedly added them to our itinerary.

Our day kicked off at TGSK Kuala Lumpur.

This cafe is situated by the side of the road, so it’s a bit of luck if you manage to find parking nearby. When we arrived, there was a queue as people patiently waited for their turn to be seated. What’s cool about this place is that you don’t need to search for a table yourself; just wait in line, and the staff will escort you to an available table. Once seated, you can head over to the food area to pick from a variety of options. We went for fried tempe, soto, lontong kering, nasi dagang, and laksam. The food was top-notch and incredibly tasty! The wait in line was worth it. I highly recommend checking this place out.

For snacking, we went straight to KLCG Confectionery & Bakery 

Well, the queue was no joke. It snaked its way through the bakery. After discussion, we stuck with the plan and decided to weather the wait. We registered our names at the counter and patiently biding our time for a whopping two hours. Yep, you read that right, two hours! Trust me, I’ve never willingly invested this much time just to secure a table, and I can safely say it will be my first and last time doing so. Waiting in line has never been my cup of tea, but hey, sometimes you have to go the extra mile for the promise of delectable treats, right?

Unfortunately, things took a downturn when we finally got our table. There was a bit of a hiccup—the menu provided didn’t include the star of the show, the pastries we were so looking forward to. Talk about a buzzkill! Realizing that we needed to rejoin the queue for at least another hour to satisfy our pastry cravings was a tough pill to swallow. Opting for Plan B, we ordered drinks and explored the other dessert options on the menu. Thankfully, at least we got to enjoy some tasty bites and make the most of our time here.

For our lunch, we headed to Bamboo Hills

We found ourselves drawn to the inviting Bamboo Hills—a place that left me awestruck. Picture this: a stunning, well-organized haven that’s as clean as a whistle and incredibly Instagram-worthy. It’s the kind of spot that makes you whip out your camera at every turn. Bamboo Hills isn’t your run-of-the-mill eatery; it’s a culinary wonderland with around 10 different restaurant concepts to choose from. You name it, they’ve got it—Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, and more.

Our curiosity led us to Locarasa, a restaurant serving Malaysian cuisine. But, here’s the twist: when we checked the menu, we realized that, unfortunately, our wallets weren’t quite on board with the prices at Locarasa. So, in the spirit of a budget-friendly trip, we switched plans, opting for drinks instead of a full lunch—no harm done, right? After refreshing ourselves, we decided to make the most of our time by taking some cool photos at Bamboo Hills. Let’s be honest, when you’re in such a charming place, you’ve got to capture the moment. Even though we didn’t have a big meal, Bamboo Hills turned out to be more than just a quick stop—it became a lively part of the trip, filled with good company and some Instagram-worthy moments that made it a lunch worth remembering.

We went to Flattop Grill Corner for an early dinner. 

Our day trip concluded at Flattop Grill Corner, a cozy roadside gem that served as the perfect backdrop for our late lunch, which morphed into an early dinner. Getting there promptly at 6:00 PM secured us a spot at one of their limited tables, and by 7:00 PM, the place was buzzing with eager diners waiting for their turn. Gosh, where do I begin? Choosing this joint to wrap up our trip was a stroke of genius, mainly because the food was nothing short of fantastic—it’s no wonder it’s gone viral. The portions were downright generous, and the food hit all the right notes. What struck us the most was the bang-for-your-buck factor; the prices were surprisingly easy on the wallet. Now, onto the good stuff: our order included cheesy wedges, grilled chicken with lamb, chicken chops, fish & chips, and grilled sausages. This spot has certainly earned a spot in our culinary hall of fame.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a place that dishes out not just delicious but downright delightful food, Flattop Grill Corner is your go-to. Our taste buds have found a new happy place, and we can’t recommend this hidden gem enough.


Till next time! Love, Hani. ❤


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