Dreamsea Surf Camp Bali : The Most Beautiful Oceanside Stay I’ve Ever Experienced

I came across Dreamsea Hotel on Agoda while searching for an affordable hotel by the ocean. It seems I got lucky because this hotel is usually fully booked, but there were a few rooms available on the date I wanted to stay. After more than a month of searching for the right hotel, I decided to book an Oceanside Suite at Dreamsea for my last stay in Bali. I’m pleased with my choice as this hotel truly captured my attention and met my expectations.

By the way, some readers have asked me if it’s necessary to change hotels when traveling. The answer is no. I do this because I like to move around and explore different places. It’s just my personal preference. Plus, I’ve made it a habit to stay at a luxury or unique hotel for at least one night whenever I travel, usually on my last day at the destination. So, yeah, it’s something I consider a treat for myself and a must-do to enhance my travel experience.

My Experience at Dreamsea. 


  • The hotel is located in Uluwatu – one of the most beautiful areas in Bali. 
  • Got a private beach and is also near to Padang-Padang Beach.
  • I had an incredible view of the ocean and can see the sunset and sunrise from my suite. The view here is beyond breathtaking!
  • I can hear the waves crashing all around me. It was the best experience ever! You will not find a better position so close to the ocean and beach as this hotel.
  • The hotel’s interior design is exceptionally unique, with a charming blend of bamboo and rattan elements. The brown and white theme in my suite exuded cleanliness and organization, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  • The staff at the hotel were incredibly friendly, fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They greeted each guest with smiles and kind words.
  • The hotel as a whole exuded an earthy and natural ambiance, creating a tranquil and soothing environment.
  • The brekky was top-notch!
  • One delightful surprise was the shower gel, which had a delightful bubble gum scent that I absolutely fell in love with.


The Cons Of Dreamsea.
  • It is situated at the base of a cliff, requiring guests to navigate steep stairs to access the hotel. This can pose a challenge for individuals with large or heavy luggage.
  • The walls within the hotel are noticeably thin, allowing for the transmission of noise from neighboring rooms. This lack of sound insulation can disrupt the peace and quiet of the stay.
  • There were no toiletries except shower gel. They don’t provide toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Even in the suites. 
  • The air conditioning system during my stay proved to be ineffective, failing to provide adequate cooling.
  • The hotel is located quite far from the main street, limiting dining options. As a result, I resorted to consuming banana cake for dinner due to a lack of alternative food in my backpack.
  • The wifi is terrible. 
  • The restroom is located separately from the suite, inconveniencing guests with the need to exit their suite to access the facilities.
  • Not suitable for Family. The stairs are too dangerous for kids and the elderly.
  • For honeymooners seeking privacy, the thin walls pose a significant drawback as they allow for the audibility of even the slightest movements and whispers from neighboring rooms.
  • The sound of crashing waves in the middle of the night can be unnerving and unsettling for some guests.


I highly recommend this hotel to everyone without hesitation! It was an absolute paradise and felt like stepping into a dream. This place is truly incredible and will exceed your expectations. Don’t hesitate to book your stay here, as the 100 steps from the main road to reach the hotel are well worth the effort.

Check out the website here: Dreamsea Surf Camp Bali.

Can book the rooms here: Agoda.com


X, Hani.


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