15 Things To Know Before Going To Skytrex Sg. Congkak.

I recently went to Skytrex Sg. Congkak with my friends, and wow! what an incredible experience! The stunning views and adrenaline-pumping thrills made it an unforgettable experience that I strongly encourage others to try. I can still remember wishing to visit here a few years ago, but I didn’t have anyone to come with me. This time, however, I’m lucky enough to have friends who are also interested in experiencing the same activities that I am interested in.

I really enjoy pushing myself to the limits and doing things that scare me; for instance, I have a fear of heights, which is why I knew I had to conquer it. One thing I’ve learned in life that I’ve carried with me to this day is that you should never hesitate or second-guess yourself. If you want to do something, just go for it. That’s what I do. I don’t second-guess myself. I set aside any doubts or any “what if” scenarios in my head. After all, you only live once, right? 🙂 So, yeah, I’ll keep trying new things and gain as much experience as possible.

If you want to have the same experience at Skytrex Sg. Congkak,

here’s some information that may be useful to you:

1. Book online. Much cheaper than walk-in. You can book here: Skytrex Adventure Sg. Congkak. 

2. River Thrill is a good place to start for a beginner, but I strongly recommend Rapid Extreme. I personally chose Rapid Extreme (because yeah, go big or go home, haha)—numerous flying foxes, much higher, more climbing, and more adventure. 😁

3. The instructors will assist you in putting on the equipment and instruct you on how to use it before you begin, but they will not accompany you throughout the adventure. You will do it on your own. Don’t worry much about it; I was scared at first because I didn’t understand much about using the equipment but after a couple of platforms (where you connect your equipment from one cable to another cable), I was able to do it on my own like a pro. 

4. You will need a glove. This should not be ignored because you will be holding a lot of rope to keep your balance, which may cause pain in your hand. Bring your own glove or purchase one from them for RM10.00.

5. The parking fee is RM5.00, and the entrance fee is RM1.00 per person.

6. If you don’t want to bring your phone, make sure you have an emergency contact number with you because you will be required to fill out a form and provide information about it.

7. Wear proper shoes to avoid slipping during the activities and bring extra clothes and a towel. The place is surrounded by a river. You can just jump on the river after your adventure at Skytrex!

8. Bring extra cash in case you wanna buy anything from the registration counter such as gloves, water holder, water, etc. 

9. Toilet fee RM0.50. You can take a shower or change clothes there. Oh, bring your own tissue too. 

10. You can rent a locker if you really need one, or else you can just keep your belongings in your car.

11. For the Rapid Adventure, I believe the most difficult part of the adventure was climbing the ladder. Pulling down the rope requires my entire hand’s strength. Climbing requires hand strength as well. Pulling down the rope had already sapped half of my strength, and because of that, I was struggling to climb the ladder because my hand was already weak. My hands were shaking the entire climb as I struggled to keep a firm grip on the ladder. 😂 

12. My favorite part of the adventure is the flying fox. I had to go through numerous flying foxes and connect the equipment from one cable to another cable on my own. Not only numerous, but they’re also longer than the ones I had seen at other places. I was at some point during flying couldn’t help but wonder, “Omg, when will I reach the platform?”There were several platforms where I felt completely alone in the middle of the forest. I was only accompanied by the uniqueness of the quiet, the sound of the forest, the lushness, and the scenic view. I couldn’t get enough of it.

13. Several platforms have instructors waiting, ready to assist if needed. All of the instructors are very friendly, and some of them are very attractive too! Haha. Don’t be shy or afraid to ask them any questions. They will assist you.

14. I suggest you take the morning session, at 10.30 AM. Fewer people and not too hot.

15. Bring your own water if you don’t want to spend money buying water here.

I was wearing my GoPro camera. So I don’t have many photos of myself doing the activities, but I can share a few from the videos I’ve recorded (from my point of view) and photos from my friend’s phone. 


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