7 Poor Manners That Some People Need To Work On.

Have you ever found yourself in situations where you wished someone’s manners were just… better? We’ve all been there! Politeness and good manners are like the glue that holds our social interactions together. They make the world a friendlier and more considerate place to be. So today, I want to talk about 7 common manners that, with a little effort, we can all improve on. Let’s make our social manners and etiquette shine a little brighter.

1. No More Loud Burps! Please. 

I’m sure none of us feel comfortable farting in public. It’s embarrassing, and it can be quite awkward for everyone around. The same should apply to burping loudly. This behavior can make everyone nearby uncomfortable, and it’s extremely inappropriate, regardless of gender! It’s poor manners. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed some people (it’s sad to see women too) do this without feeling embarrassed. Yikes!

Let’s be mindful of our manners, especially in public settings, including workplaces, restaurants, or even hanging out with friends and family. If you find yourself needing to burp, cover your mouth and do so quietly, and remember to say “Excuse me”. This will create a more comfortable environment for everyone. Simple manners like this help us show respect to others and make social situations much nicer for everyone involved!

2. Cover Those Sneezes and Coughs!

Sneezing and coughing are natural reactions, but how we handle them can make a big difference. For the sake of everyone’s well-being, it’s crucial to cover your mouth during these moments to prevent the rapid spread of germs. Just a simple tissue or the trusty elbow technique can help keep those pesky germs to ourselves, sparing others from potential illness. Let’s take this small yet significant step to show consideration for those around us and promote a healthier environment for all!

3. Laughter: Volume Control, Please!

Laughter is a wonderful expression of joy, and we absolutely love it! However, let’s remember to be mindful of the volume. Laughing loudly in inappropriate places can create some awkward moments for everyone around. The point is, different places call for different levels of laughter volume. Being aware of our surroundings and adjusting our laughter accordingly helps us respect others’ space and preferences. Remember to keep the volume in check, ensuring that our laughter spreads happiness without causing any discomfort to those around us! Don’t worry; the fun and joy are still present, even with a quieter chuckle!

4. Social Events 101: Act Appropriately.

Ever been to a party where someone didn’t quite fit in with their behavior? It happens, but here’s our chance to avoid being that person. Matching our actions to the event’s vibe shows respect for the occasion and the awesome people around us.

If it’s a fancy party, let’s show our best manners and appreciation for the event. But if it’s a casual get-together, let’s just relax and have fun while being considerate of others.

Remember, social events are about sharing good times together. Acting appropriately means fitting in smoothly and making the gathering enjoyable for everyone. Keep this Social Events 101 tip in mind and make every event a blast for ourselves and others!

5. For God’s Sake, Put the Phone Down.

We all know how much we love our smartphones; they’re like part of us now! But let’s admit, they can be quite distracting too. Whether we’re having a meaningful chat or attending an important meeting, focusing on the present moment can work wonders for our connections. So, let’s put the phone down and give others our full attention to show that we value what they’re saying. If you really need to use your phone, it’s polite to say “Excuse me” and step away to use it, then come back to be present again. Let’s not let our lives revolve around our phones to the point where we’re unaware of what’s happening around us.

6. Zip It, Just for a Moment.

Here’s a secret superpower for great conversations: active listening! Interrupting others mid-sentence can disrupt the flow of even the best chats. Hold back and give everyone a chance to share their thoughts. When we let others speak, the dialogue will flow smoother than ever! Next time you feel the urge to jump in, take a breath and wait for your turn. Engage in active listening, and you’ll be amazed at how much more engaging and meaningful the conversation becomes.

7. Look into the Eyes During Conversation.

During conversations, our eyes play a vital role in communication. It’s important not to let our gaze wander elsewhere, look in the opposite direction, or get distracted by other activities. Instead, let’s focus on making direct eye contact, listening, and speaking. By doing so, we convey that we truly value and respect the person speaking. Making eye contact during a conversation shows that we truly value and respect the person speaking. It creates a strong sense of connection and mutual respect.


Let’s remember the importance of good manners.

X, Hani. 


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