My Tips For Writing Skills And Blog Content

This is my 05th year of blog writing. I started this blog in Mac 2016. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about improving my writing skills and blog content, also my English. It wasn’t easy to build this blog at first because I started from scratch. Lots of trial and error. Nobody helped me. It was just me, Google, and Youtube. So, basically, Google and Youtube were my Blog Guru.

If you want to build a blog like mine, here are some of my tips for you:

1. My writing skills: I stick to informal writing. 

I keep my writing as simple as I can supaya my readers tak bosan baca my blog ataupun rasa susah untuk faham apa yang I tulis. Dengan kata lain, I try my best untuk buat penulisan I macam I tengah having conversation with my friends. I don’t want it to be formal because, honestly, it’s boring to read. I pun, bila i baca blog yang formal, I hardly can finish it. Masa I mula-mula tulis this blog, penulisan i lebih kepada formal. At that time I thought it was the right way to write. As time goes by, i fikir balikThis is my blog. I have fully control over it”. Since then, I write however I want. I ubah penulisan I jadi lebih relax dan simple.

2. I use my daily languages; Bahasa Melayu & English.

I use both languages in my everyday life. I also mix both languages because that’s how I speak with people. Some of my posts are fully written in English because I have foreign friends that can only understand English. It’s for them to read too. Not because I nak berlagak cakap ‘omputeh‘ ke apa. Kawan-kawan i banyak Mat Salleh. I’m not saying that my English is really good, I’m aware that I have grammatical errors in my post too, but it’s a good mistake that gives me learning. The result has been an improvement in my writing. Grammar Nazis for sure hates it, but I don’t care. They are jerks anyway. It’s a learning process. I’m grateful that some of my foreign friends are willing to help me with the grammar. Cool isn’t it? If you noticed, even penulisan I in English pun I only use clear and simple vocabulary, which at the same time, easy for me to connect with my readers.  

3. My blog content is 100% based on my life experiences. 

Finding blog content is not easy. Sometimes, I just couldn’t find the ideas and have no motivation to find them. My main plan was actually to share my travel experiences, but my mum convinced me to write about my life experiences too. She said my life experiences could help others. I guess, she is right. Many people reached out to me after reading my blog. I’m happy knowing that I can be there for someone although they are just a stranger to me. I want people out there to know that they are not alone because I’ve been there too and I know how it feels like.

and, unfortunately, for now, due to the pandemic, my travel plans are on hold. Like everyone else, I’m stuck at home. I can’t write any travel content when I have no material to write about. 🙁

One more thing, I tak update my blog daily. To write, I really need to have the mood for it. Sometimes, the mood is not there. So yeah, writing blog content takes time. I tak pernah ada timeline bila i nak kena publish a new blog post etc. I tak put myself under that pressure. I publish new blog posts whenever I feel like it. 

4. I often check and edit my old blog posts. 

Seeing my writing skills improve over time is a reminder that I still have much to learn. I often check my old blog post to find sentences or words yang i patut ubah to make it looks better dan compare my old blog posts with my new blog posts untuk tahu tahap mana I dah improve. I never stop doing this because of one and only reason – Learning is a never-ending process. 

5. I do research about the topic I wanna write about. 

Before I tulis tentang sesuatu topik, I akan buat research online dahulu to know how many people dah share about the same thing. It is easier for me untuk tulis dan share something yang berbeza walaupun it’s about the same topic. I tak suka apa yang I tulis di dalam blog I sama dengan orang lain (apatah lagi nak biar orang copypaste my content). The good thing is, cara penulisan blogger adalah berbeza. Sebab tu sangatlah penting untuk I buat research dahulu untuk kekalkan keaslian dan kelainan blog content I. And finally, before I publish my blog post, I akan baca again and again sampai I rasa puas hati untuk publish.  


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