I Went To Meow Garden Ipoh & Here Are My Thoughts.

I recently noticed that people sharing about Meow Garden Ipoh on social media. Given that I’m currently in Ipoh visiting my parents and Meow Garden is close to my parent’s home, I grabbed the opportunity to visit the place.


After spending about 40 minutes at Meow Garden, here are my thoughts : 
  • It’s a restaurant but they enhance the place with LED lights show to attract people in. I have to admit that it’s a smart move.
  • It’s basically like any other LED lights show. I shared about Secret Garden, Putrajaya a month ago; which is similar to this place, however, if I had to choose between the two, Meow Garden would be my preference. Why? because Meow Garden’s LED light decorating & ideas are much more interesting.
  • It’s free to enter Meow Garden. The parking lot is free to use as well.
  • The place opens from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Come at night for a better view and to capture lovely shots with the LED lights show.
  • Based on the photos I’ve found online, I can tell that the place was a lot more exciting in the beginning but since we can’t control people’s behavior, some of the LED lights weren’t there anymore, and lights that shouldn’t be touched have already been touched and are no longer functional. Sad to see, actually. I wish some people could use a little more self-control. 
  • If you wonder if the place has cats because of its name, NO. There are no cats, at least for now. It would be excellent if they at least created LED lights with cat figures or sculptures. 
  • The place is clean and well-kept. Hope they will continuously maintain the cleanliness. 
  • The kids would love the place.
  • I didn’t stop by at the restaurant but based on the banner, the restaurant’s specialties are steamboat, Asam Pedas clay pot, and Ikan Bakar. It’s intriguing. I definitely will try it someday.
  • If you are in Ipoh, It’s worth visiting Meow Garden to take stunning shots with the LED lights. 

More Details: 

Facebook: Meow Garden Ipoh.

Location: Google maps.




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