I Enjoy Being a Friendly Local and Guiding Travelers in Exploring the Culture and Surroundings.

As someone who loves to travel, I find that the connections I make with the locals I encounter along the way often make my trips truly special. Their warm welcomes, genuine hospitality, engaging conversations, and valuable guidance create a beautiful exchange of cultures that leave a lasting impact on my memories, enhancing my appreciation of the destinations and making each experience even more meaningful.

Why is it so special?

Meeting friendly locals is the key to creating cherished travel memories and lifelong friendships, as it allows me to truly experience the essence of the place and gain a deeper understanding of its people, traditions, and beauty it holds. So, when I encounter someone planning a trip to Malaysia reaching out to me online or when I spot a traveler walking or hitchhiking, I eagerly embrace the opportunity to become a friendly local without any hesitation. It’s like a cycle of kindness—when locals are nice to me during my travels, I strive to be equally kind to travelers visiting my own country. 

It’s a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I take pleasure in showing them the local culture and surroundings. After all, who can provide a more genuine local experience than the locals themselves?

Most travelers have an open mind and are good at adapting to new places because they genuinely want to learn about different cultures. They don’t judge others based on religion, race, or any other differences. This creates a friendly and accepting atmosphere, which allows us to connect on a deeper level while sharing stories and experiences from the amazing destinations we’ve visited. So it’s no wonder that we often become good friends along the way.

For instance, a few weeks ago, I took a traveler to my parent’s home to experience local foods and spend time with my family. It was great to see how adaptable he was, getting along well with my brothers and the environment. He even tried dishes that even I hesitated to eat—it was quite coincidental that my dad brought home a traditional soup with cow’s internal organs, and he willingly gave it a try. While I stood there thinking, “Hmm..nope! gross” 😂 I was amazed by his fearlessness in trying new things.

Since then, we have become good friends and have been staying in touch, catching up at least once a week.

Spread kindness and be a friendly local.

When you travel to another country, take the chance to connect with locals during your journey. Approach them with open hearts, ready to learn from their unique views and experience their culture firsthand. Look for ways to engage with locals through websites, local events, or chance encounters. By embracing the kindness of unfamiliar faces, we can create a sense of unity across the world and form lasting friendships that go beyond borders.

If you’re the local, there are many ways you can make a visitor’s trip even more memorable. Embrace the opportunity to share your local knowledge, offer your hospitality, and be kind and friendly. By providing valuable recommendations, guiding them to hidden gems, and showcasing the essence of your community, you can create genuine connections and leave a lasting impact. Acts of kindness, no matter how small, can have a profound effect on someone’s travel experience. It can inspire others to do the same too. Show warmth, offer assistance, and invite them to join in local celebrations. Your genuine care will not only create a positive impression of your community but also contribute to a welcoming and friendly destination. 


X, Hani. ❤


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