Weekend Sweet Treat: A Date at Chef Kecik Cafe.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Chef Kecik Cafe for their pastries. Situated a bit far from my home in Putrajaya, this little gem is nestled in a charming neighbourhood close to where my partner lives in Semenyih. He had been raving about this cafe for some time, so we decided to make it our date spot last weekend. After satisfying his craving for ramen at a nearby Japanese restaurant, he treated my sweet tooth by driving us to the cafe. Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to wait long for a table. After a brief 20-minute wait in line, a friendly waitress seated us on the cafe’s second floor. 

As for the ordering process, the waitress gave us a piece of paper with a QR code for the menu. After we ordered our coffee and pastries, we patiently waited for the order to be brought to our table. While waiting, I looked around the cafe. The atmosphere felt familiar—like many other cafes—a cosy spot where you can relax with the smell of coffee brewing and the gentle sound of people chatting. The chef’s memories and photos are displayed on the walls, adding a personal touch to the simple interior. I also observed the staff, who were skilled and efficient at their jobs.

The cafe’s consistently high-quality food and service explained why it was always bustling with customers. Learning that this cafe is owned by a Malay genuinely amazed me. It sparked a dream within me to own a cafe like this one day, despite not being a coffee enthusiast myself. 🤭



For the price, I find them affordable—not too expensive, but not too cheap either. As someone who lives in Putrajaya, where the cost of living is high, I found the prices reasonable, especially for a cafe with such a high reputation. 

Would I come to this cafe again? Absolutely!

I didn’t get a chance to try their cheesecake yet since I was in the mood for their croissant. I had their almond cream-filled croissant, and I was completely blown away. It was hands down some of the best I’ve ever tasted! If you’re curious to learn more about the cafe, you can visit their website here: Chef Kecik Cafe.



Till then. X, Hani. ❤️


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