Just Had an Enjoyable Team-Building Programme at Pangkor Island

I remember the first time I heard about the team-building programme; I refused to go. I’m not a big fan of spending my weekends with other people, especially when it’s work-related. The weekend is exclusively my ‘me’ time. Then I was told that everyone was required to go. I wasn’t pleased about it. Why must I give up my ‘me’ time to do something I don’t want to do? I kept complaining to my partner that I didn’t want to go. 

The day came. Carrying my travelling backpack, I tried to attend the team-building with an open mind. It did feel a bit better when I chose to mingle with a group of colleagues who are always fun to be around. The journey to reach the location was tiring, but my perspective on the team-building programme changed completely when I arrived. It felt more like a holiday than team-building. The activities weren’t too demanding, and the location was on an island right next to the beach.

Since I love being at the beach, I was thrilled! 

The Location 

Pangkor Village Beach Resort.

The resort is located at the end of Pasir Bogak, just next to the beach, 10 minutes from Pangkor Jetty, and 15 minutes from Pangkor Airport by land. It’s a great location since it is quieter than other areas but still close to stalls and restaurants. I love the vibes here because I’m all about privacy, and this resort provides exactly that.

However, I have to be honest about my experience with the room I stayed in. It was rather disappointing. While basic amenities were provided, the room didn’t meet my expectations for cleanliness and comfort. It seemed more suited for those who are here primarily for outdoor activities and only need a place to sleep. On the bright side, the food served at the resort was fantastic. It was incredibly delicious! The seafood was fresh, and there were a variety of dishes for us to choose from.


Other than the fun games planned by our workplace’s psychology department, the resort also organised additional activities for our team-building programme, including island hopping, snorkelling, beach volleyball, and sea rafting. These arrangements not only complemented the team-building efforts but also provided a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for all participants, giving us unforgettable memories to take home with us. 

Looking back, I can say the team-building programme was much more enjoyable than I expected. Even though I didn’t want to go at first, the mix of fun activities, beautiful surroundings, and great company made it memorable. While the room’s cleanliness and comfort weren’t the best, the fantastic food, great location, and variety of activities made up for it.

If you’re thinking about a team-building programme, Pangkor Village Beach Resort could be a great choice—you might find it as rewarding as I did.


X, Hani. ❤️


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