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Bali Trip 2018 : Tips Dan Tempahan Supir Pak Yanto

Hey guys! I baru balik dari Bali a week ago. The earliest plans were to go to Lombok for a few days. From Lombok, we take a flight to Bali – then fast boat to Nusa Penida. Tapi due to the earthquake that happened in Lombok, i terpaksa cancelled my flight and changed the plan to go to Bali lebih awal dari tarikh yang asal. So, percutian I ke Bali kali ni lebih panjang (7D6N) dari my first visit last year dan i ambil peluang ni untuk explore banyak lagi tempat-tempat di Bali yang i tak sempat nak pergi on my first visit. 

Anyway, Bali to me now is like my third home (my second home is Greece…hehe). I have friends here, my Supir are like my own family and i know about Bali quite very wellI love Bali so much. The people, the beach and nature here are amazing. Some people said – “Bali bosan lah – Bali tak cantik – Bali tak best”, trust me, if you rasa macam ni, you didn’t explore Bali enough. 🙂

Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. 

When you go to Bali, your flight akan mendarat di Ngurah Rai International Airport. If you are Malaysian, you don’t need a Visa. You can stay in Bali up to 30 days. Don’t forget to bring a pen with you because dalam flight nanti, flight attendant akan edarkan Customs Declaration Form untuk diisi. Pegawai kastam akan ambil form ni masa beg you di scan. Make sure you print your itinerary (hotel booking confirmation, flight booking, etc) or download je dalam phone sebab dalam Customs form ni nanti you kena tulis alamat hotel. Lagi satu, mana taukan if nasib you tak baik, ada je soalan pegawai imigresen tu nak tanya nanti. Just be prepare.

Untuk airport transfer, you either can plan with your Supir or check if your hotel can arrange airport transfer for you or boleh juga ambil taxi di airport (not recommended). Kalau nak senang, deal je dengan Supir or your hotel especially if your arrival is at night. 

Where i chose to stay. 

For this trip, i chose a hotel that located in Kuta, Legian & Uluwatu. Legian are always my favourite area in Bali. 

  • Rhadana Hotel.
    This hotel located in Kuta. I booked business room and the best thing about this hotel is that they have different themes in each rooms. I dapat Scout theme which is very interesting and i love it so much. If you are a muslim, this hotel are perfect for you because they serve delicious Halal foods. Selain Rhadana, you boleh cuba tengok Harris Hotel, Wina Holiday Villa Hotel, or Bayt Kaboki Hotel. So far yang i tahu, these hotels serve Halal foods. 
  • Tanaya Bed & Breakfast.
    I stayed at this hotel when i came to Bali last year. I like this hotel because of the location (Legian area) – everything is within walking distance. Can easily find convenience store, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, gift shops dan macam-macam lagi. 
  • Dreamsea Surf Camp Bali.
    Well, this is the most beautiful oceanside stay i’ve ever experienced. You can read about my experienced here : Dreamsea Surf Camp Bali.

Recommended Restaurants.

  • Ayam Bakar Wong Solo, Kuta.
    Ayam Penyet is one of my favourite foods. Jadi bila ke Bali memang i tak lepaskan peluang untuk makan di sini. The menu was delicious dan yang paling penting, it was spicyyhhh! Berbeza sangat dengan ayam penyet Wong Solo yang ada di Malaysia ni. So, don’t forget to come here when you visit Bali. 
  • Warung Dedari, Baturiti.
    Went here to eat daging itik / bebek. What a fantastic place! When we arrived, they were no customers at all. The restaurant is big and since we were the only customer, we had a chance to choose anywhere we want to sit at the lakeside in the garden. The foods were great but the price to me is quite expensive. 

Tour Guide / Supir.

Sumber ekonomi di Bali adalah Pelancongan. Jadi, nak cari Supir di Bali ni agak mudah sebab the locals here banyak buat perkhidmatan Supir. Beza antara Supir-supir ni adalah harga dan service yang diberi. If you pernah ke Bali sebelum ni, maybe you don’t need a Supir – boleh sewa motor dan explore Bali yourself. If this is your first time visit, i highly recommend you to hire a Supir to make your trip easier.

My recommendation for Supir adalah Pak Yanto. Supir-supir di bawah Pak Yanto ni semua ada pertalian darah (family business). I dah jumpa dan kenal each one of them. They provide excellent service. Kalau bawa you to any places in Bali, they will follow you and guide you – they are punctual and will help you to take photos whenever you need it. Paling penting, they are all Muslim. Banyak Supir di Bali ni yang i perasan, won’t even bother to guide their customer or explain anything. So, be careful if you jumpa Supir yang harga sangat murah – expect bad service. 🙂

Anyway, to book with Pak Yanto, you need to book as soon as you can sebab since i shared about them on my blog last year, they got many customer sampai kadang-kadang fully booked. Harga untuk full day trip kebiasaannya adalah 400,000.00 LDR. But, if you book with Yanto and mention that you got the recommendation from Wanderhoney / Hani, he will give you a special price. Yes, you heard me : Specil price. If your hotel area Ubud, full day tour 450,000.00 LDR (but, I tak recommend untuk stay di Ubud)


Us with Fatah

Yanto’s family are like my own family now. They will take good care of you especially if you are a female traveler and travel there alone. Yanto have 15 Supir. Supir yang dah biasa dengan i nama Fatah. Masa i travel solo di Bali last year (even for this 2nd trip pun), Fatah la yang jadi Supir dan my “photographer”. Hehe. You can request Fatah bila book dengan Yanto. Fatah ni i sangat recommend untuk yang nak travel solo to Bali. He’s my favourite so far walaupun bila orang tanya pasal i dia suka buat-buat tak kenal. Haha. He can speak Indonesian and basic English. Very friendly dan suka layan customer bab tangkap gambar ni. 

Pak Yanto’s contact number (Whatsapp) : +62 812-3654-0997 / +62 817 556 488 
If you have trouble to contact this number, you can contact me through the contact form. 

More About Bali.

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P/s : Boleh baca my blog post tahun lepas untuk dapatkan lebih banyak info mengenai Bali. 


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