Poetry in Progress: Editing Takes Forever (But It’s Worth It!)

I’ve always been a passionate fan of poetry, but one thing that often gets in my way is my own self-doubt. It’s as if I’m my own worst critic, constantly looking down on myself before anyone else has a chance to. Despite my lack of belief in my potential and the constant thought that I lack skill, the truth is, I’ve been quietly writing lines upon lines for years, tucked away in my Note apps on my phone, even before venturing into poetry.

Writing holds a special place in my heart because it allows me to express the multitude of emotions that have been brewing inside me, waiting for an outlet. It serves as a medium for me to let them flow, and I’m aware that there are people, especially those close to me, who take the time to read the writing pieces that I infuse with my authentic emotions, which is incredibly meaningful to me.

Over the years, as I poured my heart into crafting blog posts and witnessed my growth with each word typed, I’ve gained newfound confidence in my ability to write my own poetry. However, I think what truly kickstarted me was when I started pouring my thoughts onto the page, weaving verses about a dear friend whom I hold in deep admiration—someone I once had a huge crush on. As the words flowed, my mind ran wild with inspiration, propelling me to write more and more. Then, I dug deep into my Note apps, unearthing lines that mostly reflected the pain I endured in my previous relationship.

Writing Poetry: The Creating Part Is Easy. The Editing Part Takes Forever.

For me personally, the act of writing poetry comes quite effortlessly because it’s based on my own experiences. The lines and inspiration strike me at any given moment, and all I need to do is write them. The emotions flow naturally, and there’s always someone or something that inspires my words. It’s also an enjoyable process because I don’t have to explicitly mention the person I’m referring to in my verses; instead, I can play with metaphors, leaving readers to wonder, “Who is this person?” 

At present, I’ve amassed over 60 pieces of drafted poetry that I’ve created over the course of four months, but only a mere 10% of them have undergone the final editing process. Let me tell you, editing is a tiring task. English isn’t my native language, but I couldn’t write in my native language either, so I find myself constantly turning to Google to expand my vocabulary, searching for suitable alternatives to the words I’ve used. Grammar checkers become my companions, and my brain works overtime to conjure up metaphors. So, yes, editing takes an eternity, but I persevere because I believe in perfecting my craft. It’s a challenging journey, but the satisfaction of honing my poetry makes it all worthwhile.

Everyone who has had a big impact on my life ended up in my poetry and always will.

Basically, whatever people have done to me, I permanently preserve it in my writing. Even though those experiences are now mostly memories of the past, they continue to inspire my writing. It doesn’t matter if they caused me happiness, sadness, or pain. They can’t escape from it—but isn’t it better to be remembered as happiness rather than sadness or pain? 😊

Emotions are something we all share—a universal language that binds us together, and through my words, there are always people out there who can connect with what I express. When people can relate, it creates a powerful sense of resonance that can bring a profound sense of comfort and solace. This is why I really, really, really enjoy writing. In the past, I looked for comfort in the writings of others, and now it’s my turn to offer the same.

Releasing My Poetry.

It won’t happen soon because there’s a lot of work to do, but the timing remains uncertain. My mind is currently occupied with numerous thoughts, making it difficult to make any decisions. The original plans I had may undergo changes, but rest assured, I always come out with something better.


Til my next post! 

X, Hani.💛


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