7 Beauty Mistakes I’ve Made and REGRET!

When it comes to beauty, I can say that we all had these moments of curiosity, which led us to try new things. Looking back on those days, I can’t help but wish I could undo some of the beauty choices I made in life that I later regretted. As I sit here, thinking about those mistakes, I can’t help but laugh at how little I knew back then. I used to be quite obsessed with beauty (perhaps I still am, but I’ve grown and learned a lot since then!).

So, here are 7 beauty mistakes I’ve made that you can learn from:

1. Had thick eyelash extensions.

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with having thick and long eyelash extensions. That is because my own natural lashes are short and I have quite big eyes. So, in my mind, eyelash extensions were the perfect solution, as they could create beautiful illusions and transform my look.

One big mistake I made with eyelash extensions was going a bit overboard on the length and thickness. I thought the longer and thicker the lashes, the better. However, that turned out to be a big misconception. Instead of enhancing my eyes, it made me look ridiculous and fake. I’ve learned that the key is to pick shorter lashes with a more natural look, not longer than 8mm. This way, they complement your eyes without overpowering your entire face.

The time when I had long and thick lashes.

2. Followed Home Remedies I Watched Online.

“Oh no, what happened to your face? What did you do this time?” My friend asked, clearly puzzled by the appearance of infected acne.

With a grin, I replied, “I tried using Chocolate as a facemask. I saw it online, and it claimed to smooth the skin.

“Hani!” my friend burst into laughter, and I couldn’t help but join in. Yes, I was that naive. 😂 I had experimented with various kitchen ingredients like egg yolks, mayonnaise, honey, and practically anything I saw in those online remedies. It was like conducting experiments on myself.

Anyway, it’s not something I’d recommend. Those so-called home remedies might contain bacteria that can cause infections. What works for someone else might not work for you since we all have different skin types. So, my advice is to avoid using home remedies and stick to proper skincare products tailored to your specific needs. It’s a safer and more reliable way to care for your skin.

3. Not wearing braces sooner.

Growing up, I didn’t have perfect teeth. They were a bit crooked, and my upper teeth were a little forward, causing my gums to show when I smiled. My parents couldn’t afford braces for me, as we all know they can be quite expensive. I also used to think that my teeth didn’t look too bad since the imperfections weren’t very noticeable.

Before I had braces

However, as I got older, I became less satisfied with my smile. I decided to get braces at the age of 33, quite late in life, and looking back, I wish I had done it sooner. The transformation has been remarkable, and my teeth look so much better now. When I smile, my gums are no longer visible. 

After I put braces on.

4. Changed my hair color to black. 

My natural hair color is brunette, never black. I never really liked my natural hair color because it just doesn’t suit my skin complexion. So, for the most part of my life, I’ve gone for lighter hair colors, and my favorite has always been blonde, and it remains my favorite to this day. I enjoyed experimenting with different shades as long as they weren’t dark.

However, colored hair comes with its downsides, particularly the costly maintenance, and diligent hair care required to keep the color looking fresh. I had to touch up the color every three months to maintain it. At some point, I got annoyed by it, so I decided to dye my hair black. It turned out to be even darker than my natural hair color, and it wasn’t the look I was hoping for, so I soon realized it wasn’t a good decision, and I regretted it deeply. At the time, my ex even said, “What happened? You look like Cher,” and it didn’t exactly boost my confidence. 😭

5. Went to a hair salon that didn’t quite get what suits me.   

There’s only one hairstylist I trust with my hair, and in the past, whenever I wanted a hair color, I would go straight to him. He takes great care of my hair and always knows what is best for me. Since his salon is a bit far from my place, I had to go to another salon nearby for a haircut or to try a different style.

The issue is, most of these salons didn’t quite understand the hairstyle that complements my face the way he does, and I often left feeling unsatisfied with hairstyles that not only failed to match my vision but also made me look unattractive. Now, I’m extremely careful when choosing a salon because one wrong move with my hairstyle can completely change my entire look, and I don’t want to risk looking less appealing. 

One of the haircuts that I hate.

6. Didn’t Wear Sunscreen in My 20s.

Sunscreen is a game-changer when it comes to caring for your skin, and I wish I knew its importance earlier. Living in a hot weather country, our skin gets a lot of sun exposure, which can cause damage and speed up the aging process, leading to wrinkles and fine lines.

Unfortunately, during my 20s, I didn’t give sunscreen the attention it deserved, and now I’m facing the consequences, which also cost me a lot of money to fix. Looking back, I can’t help but regret not making sunscreen a daily habit back then. Now I’ve learned my lesson and make sure to apply it diligently every day to protect my skin from wrinkles and aging.

Fixing my skin

7. Not using any beauty products. 

I once stopped using beauty products for months, believing that a natural approach would be better and healthier for my skin. I thought avoiding ingredients in the products would result in a natural radiance, but I was wrong. Instead, my skin became dull, oily, and it led to breakouts. After a while, I decided to use beauty products again. With a simple skincare routine, my complexion improved in just a few weeks. The products balanced my skin’s oil production and provided the hydration it needed. It’s time to admit that not all ingredients found in beauty products are harmful; some can actually work wonders for the skin.

Also, not using a deep exfoliator in my skincare routine in the past was a big mistake too. I didn’t realize how important exfoliation was for my skin’s texture and appearance. When I finally tried a deep exfoliator, it made a huge difference. It gently removed dead skin cells and impurities, making my skin smoother and more radiant. Now I understand the value of regular deep exfoliation and how it helps other skincare products work better.

In conclusion, reflecting on my beauty journey has been both enlightening and amusing. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but each one has taught me valuable lessons. I hope that sharing these experiences will help you avoid similar pitfalls and make more better choices.


X, Hani. 


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