I Replied To A Sugar Daddy Offer On Instagram.

I’ve never been the type of person who relies on other people’s money for my own needs.  By the time I was 15, I had already learned to work to get my own pocket money by working as a waitress for catering services, serving food mostly at large events such as those held at the minister’s residence. I usually worked in my spare time, which was typically after school and on weekends. Like everybody else, I also wish that I had that advantage, such as inherited wealth or having other respectable sources of money; I mean, after all, who doesn’t want easy money, right? but yeah, life has a different plan for me. 

Although I’ve always joked about having a sugar daddy, I’ve never meant it. I never looked for one nor will I ever look for one. Some of my friends often say that I’m stupid for not taking advantage of my physical abilities to find one 🤣🤣 but the thing is, my heart is not built that way. I’m just too fu*king nice, to the point where I think I’m boring. Haha. 

Yesterday, an older gentleman named Edward slid into my Instagram DMs. His profile picture shows him looking straight at the camera with a computer is in the background, and he is Caucasian, bald, he wears glasses and has a brown mustache with a white beard. He wrote:

I knew this was a scam the moment I read it. It sounds too good to be true to receive a weekly allowance of $5,000. Since the term “sugar daddy” never excites me, I didn’t respond to him right away. Actually, I planned not to respond at all but at the same time, I was puzzled at how this person, who I had no mutual friends with, had found my profile. I sat next to my bed thinking about it for a few seconds, “Um, this is so random.” I then forgot about it and went about my day. 

My day isn’t complete if I don’t share anything about it with Nat, so I screenshotted the DM and sent it to him. We made fun of it and pretended it was legit. We started talking about how my “sugar daddy” money could be used to buy the house he had shown me before, which I had described as my dream house. I told him that after I bought the house, we could always hang out there and that he doesn’t have to work anymore because I’m very generous when I have money. He even tried to trick me to split the money 50/50 to con the “sugar daddy.”😂 It was funny. We imagined doing a lot of things with money that didn’t even exist.

Nat encourages me to respond just to play along. So I asked him to give me an idea of what to say. Then he said that we are “beauty and brain” 

“We need my brains and your beauty,” he said. 

I frequently asked him to use his brain to think for me. 😂

Then, I thought, “Hmmm, this could be my next blog post.”

So, I responded by asking where he was located. I was eager to hear what he had to say next because I intend to write about it on my blog in an effort to raise awareness about it. Technically, Nat was the one who responded, since I simply copied and pasted what he suggested I say.



I laughed so hard when I read it. Well, at least someone is calling me ‘Baby’. Haha. I told Nat about it, and we both laughed. Hell no I’m going to build a castle and a palace of friendship with other people. That I already have with Jay and Nat. 🥰 It’s exclusively theirs. I stopped responding to him after that.

So guys, be very careful! These sugar daddy scammers appear to be all over the internet. Don’t let the money they’re offering fool you. I know it’s exciting to get financial help or easy money to enjoy a fancy and comfortable lifestyle without having to work too hard, but life isn’t that magical. At least, not everyone has that kind of advantage in life. Being a sugar baby itself isn’t safe. We are told that these kinds of men offer gifts and so much more. This is not the case 99 percent of the time. These men don’t really offer gifts, trips, or shopping as people think. Some of them might but the majority are just in it for sex. You may also have to deal with misogyny, emotional abuse, and the threat of abduction and murder. And then some are needy on top of that, but not in a good way. I knew this because I have friends who are sugar babies who once tried to convince me to do it too, but I refused.

I, too, desire a comfortable lifestyle in which I do not have to work so hard or worry about not having enough money anymore. To be honest, I’m exhausted. I’ve spent my entire life working hard in order to survive and support my family. Let’s be honest, I also have a dream to marry a man who can provide, who is wealthy enough to give me a better life, and with whom I can build the kind of family I’ve always dreamed of, but unfortunately, that is not my fate (at least not until today). So I’m more focused on financial independence and self-sufficiency than marrying the kind of man I mentioned above. In the end, all I want is for someone to treat me well and share my values.

I recently joked with Nat that I’m tired of working and that I want to marry an old-almost-die-rich-guy, wait for him to die so that I can inherit his wealth and never have to work again, but then I questioned myself,

“What if the guy is extremely nice to me? treats me well?”

and the conversation ended when Nat asked me, “What if you fall in love with the guy?” 🤣 Good question! because I know I would if he treated me well. I would probably end up doing everything I could to take care of the guy and most likely donate his money as well.

Basically, I know deep down inside that I could never exploit anyone.


X, Hani. ❤



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